A project to create curriculum for middle school to early high school students using Microbits and MicroPython to teach coding in a physical computing and Maker world. This is a Python version of the same book which was written for Microsoft's MakeCode programming.

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Coding & Innovation using Microbits & Python

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00 Overview - Table of Contents


This is an introduction to coding and computer science by way of making and design, using the revolutionary new Microbit microcontroller board, and MicroPython coding environment. It is a project-based curriculum with a maker philosophy at its core; the idea is that by making physical objects, students create a context to learn computer science concepts, to think creatively, to code, and to become innovative. This project is a Python version of the same book that was written for Microsoft’s MakeCode. Codding & Innovation using Microbits


This project heavily utilizes the open source work done by Douglas & Mary Kiang who wrote the course “Intro to CS using Micro:bits”. It is published by Microsoft MakeCode team and